Hyper Scape

C++, Ubisoft Anvil | 2018-2019

I am a gameplay programmer at Studio Gobo. We collaborated with Ubisoft Montreal on features for the battle royale game Hyper Scape, and helped develop several gameplay systems in C++.

As part of this project, some of the specific areas I helped to work on included:

  • Building a data-driven system for creating emotes, sprays, victory poses, and other cosmetic interactions, including triggering animations, spawning props and VFX, and affecting player locomotion, in a networked multiplayer environment.
  • Expanding an existing game mode framework to support new unique modes, including:
    • Team and faction-based spawning, scoring and victory conditions.
    • Adjusting existing gameplay data on the fly based on game mode rules.
  • Assisting on other areas of the project, including adding additional components to the gameplay system for building the "Hacks" abilities.