For Honor

C++, C#, Ubisoft Anvil | 2017-2018

As part of co-development with Ubisoft Montreal, we worked on the prototyping, implementation and design tools for a new PvE game mode, Arcade Mode, in the Anvil/Scimitar game engine. We created a procedural content system producing thousands of unique quests while ensuring a high level of designer control.

As part of this project, some of the specific areas I helped to work on included:

  • Rapid iteration and playtesting of multiplayer game mode prototypes, adding new elements to the existing gameplay.
  • A data-driven system allowing designers to specify the allowed combinations of content in procedural Arcade Mode quests. This included design-time authoring and the pipeline to produce the needed runtime data.
  • QA tools to help survey and reproduce specific combinations of procedural content.
  • Editor scripts to improve data authoring and review existing data.
  • Validation scripts to ensure correct quests were generated, including validating the tagging of content, setup of level ingredients, and other design data.